“MeHelpers” has an affiliate program, participation in which enables partners to earn money with us by attracting clients. For each client attracted by a partner, we pay a commission in the amount of up to 20% from the first purchase of the client and regular remuneration to the partner from all purchases of the client during the cooperation.

Payments are made:

  • To the card of an individual;
  • To the current account.

To advertise the service “MyHelpers” on your website or other resource, you can use almost any means and methods. It is forbidden to use only those that contradict the current legislation of the Russian Federation or cause reputational damage. For the use of such advertising methods, we permanently remove the partner from the affiliate program, and the amount on his account is canceled.

The partner discount for the service is 20%

For our part, we undertake to provide our partner with our advertising materials, promptly inform about our news, ongoing promotions, changes in the conditions of our work and the partner program. We guarantee timely payments of funds.

We look forward to long-term, fruitful and mutually beneficial cooperation!