Conditions and procedure for the provision of services to individuals and legal entities

You can familiarize yourself with the terms of service in offer. After payment, the offer becomes a contract, no physical signing of the document is required.

The procedure for the provision of services

  • Problem statement or its description: The customer needs to select a service on the site that corresponds to the task, if a suitable service was not found describe the task to be delegated;
  • Calculation of cost and time: Based on the data on the task received from the Customer, MyHelpers specialists, for their part, calculate the cost of implementation and implementation time.
  • Agreement and payment: We contact the Customer, discuss the nuances, agree on the cost and timing of the task. After agreement, the Customer pays 100% of the cost of the service, and the specialists begin to implement the delegated task.
  • Delivery of completed work: MyHelpers specialists provide the Customer with the Certificate of Completion, as well as the result of the work performed. Within 24 hours from the date of delivery of the work, the Customer is obliged to check the provided materials and sign the “Act of Completed Works”. If errors or shortcomings are found in the work, the Customer has the right not to sign the “Act of Completion” and send an electronic appeal to MyHelpers with a request to eliminate the identified errors.

If you are a new client:

If you are a new client, you need to provide the manager with personal data and contact information for registration and operational interaction within the framework of the provision of services.

If you are a regular customer:

If you are a regular customer with a valid (prepaid) service, you need to use any convenient method of communication to interact with us using the personal data transferred when ordering the service.

If you have not used the services for a long time:

If you have not used our services for a long time, you need to provide your “full name” to renew your client’s account. When renewing your account, you must confirm the relevance of existing personal and contact information in the “MyHelpers” database.

Recommendations for using the software

For operational interaction, the company’s specialists use the following software: