In Russia, the demand for multitasking employees has tripled

HeadHunter: in Russia the demand for multitasking employees has tripled.

Russian companies are increasingly looking for employees with multitasking skills, RBC writes, citing the results of a study by the developer of voice and text robots Robovoice and the recruiting platform HeadHunter.

“The number of vacancies where this characteristic is mentioned (multitasking – editor’s note) increased almost three times in 2023 compared to 2021 (by 181 percent),” the publication noted.

According to research, “multi-tasking” employees are required in cultural and art institutions, housing and communal services enterprises, non-profit organizations, educational and construction organizations, financial, agricultural, hotel and restaurant sectors, forestry and woodworking industries, the publication emphasized.

As the President previously noted Vladimir Putin, unemployment in Russia is at a historic low and now stands at three percent, something that has never happened in the country.