For Russians in 2022 changed the rules of entry into Spain

Currently, for reasons of public order and health, as well as in connection with the crisis situation caused by COVID-19, there is a temporary restriction on non-emergency travel from third countries to the territory of the European Union and associated Schengen countries.

The borders between the European Union (including Spain) and the Russian Federation continue to remain temporarily closed to all passengers, except for the categories listed in Order No. INT/35/2022 of 26 January 2022.

How to get to Spain from Russia

Holders of Schengen visas or visas type “C” can NOT enter Spain at the moment, either as tourists or on private invitations from persons permanently residing in Spain, and the restriction on entry for homeowners remains.

The only exception will be the citizens mentioned in (clause 1.1.k) of Order INT/552/2021 of June 4: “persons who have a vaccination certificate recognized by the Ministry of Health for this purpose, with a preliminary check by the sanitary services, as well as those accompanying minors children who are subject to the permission of the Ministry of Health.”

Currently, no Russian vaccine is certified by the Spanish Ministry of Health, which only recognizes vaccines approved by the European Medical Agency and WHO.

List of vaccines approved by the European Medical Agency and WHO

  • Moderna;
  • Pfizer/BioNTech;
  • Johnson&Johnson;
  • AstraZeneca;
  • Sinopharm;
  • Covishield;
  • Sinovac.

You can find more information about the conditions of entry in attached document (as amended on 01/31/2022).