Tips for protecting your site from hacking

Recently, the number of requests from Russian-speaking Clients from different parts of the world has increased with a request to assist in restoring sites after hacking and infection of the resource with viruses.

To prevent or painlessly restore the site, you must perform the following steps:

  • Perform a daily check of a personal computer for viruses;
  • Perform a daily check of the site for viruses using the integrated antivirus in the hosting system or use other licensed monitoring tools to detect changes in the file structure;
  • Perform a daily backup copy of the file structure of the site and database, secure storage of backup copies;
  • Track and timely update updates received from CMS developers, templates and plugins;
  • Do not install nulled versions of CMS, templates and related plugins on hosting;
  • The file structure of the site must be set with the access rights recommended by the developers;
  • Set only complex passwords that meet modern security requirements.

In the event of a site being hacked and infected, the above steps will help you deploy a working version of the site as soon as possible with minimal losses to your activities.