How to accompany the rental property?

It’s no secret that most of the people living in the Russian Federation invest their money in the purchase of various types of real estate. This is connected, firstly, with the fact that real estate has never become cheaper, and secondly, with a great demand for rent in large cities.

In general, an ideal picture of the world for those who want to invest, rent and receive passive income. But in practice, between the stage of renting out and receiving passive income, there are always tasks that need to be solved. Some landlords cope with the tasks on their own, while others immediately resort to specialists who help resolve issues without the presence of the owner.

Service “Property under supervision”, what is it?

Real estate under supervision is when the owner transfers the right to manage real estate to an organization or private specialist for profit and to solve problematic issues and tasks during the operation of the object by the tenant.

Our team offers clients the following services:

Is a customized property maintenance plan possible?

At the request of the Client, it is possible to configure an individual plan for real estate maintenance and interaction.

What documents are required?

In order for the “Real Estate Manager” to officially represent the interests of the “Real Estate Owner” in various companies and instances, the “Real Estate Owner” needs a document “Notarized Power of Attorney” and “Management Agreement”. Based on these documents, the “Property Manager” can resolve any issues during the lease of the object without the presence of the “Property Owner”.

Who pays for the power of attorney?

All expenses for the preparation and execution of the “Notarized Power of Attorney” are paid by the “Property Owner”.