Microsoft raises software prices

Director of Public Relations, Information Policy and Corporate Social Responsibility Department, Microsoft in Russia Anna Lobanova clarified that the rise in prices will increase for distributors, from which cloud software is bought mainly by small and medium-sized businesses – according to the SPLA model. The price increase does not apply to individuals.

The SPLA model means that a distributor does not just resell software licenses, but must include them as part of their service package. The cost of software from Microsoft in such packages can be from 10 to 80% of the price of the entire set, explained Sergey Erin, director of development of cloud services LanCloud.

In total, there are about 50 distributors in Russia who sell cloud software according to the above model, including: Inoventica Services, 1C, Selectel and Softline. It is already known that Inoventica Services will raise prices for business by 5%, Selectel will not raise prices. The 1C company also announced a rise in prices, but did not specify how much.

Microsoft has already raised prices this year – since October 1, the price list for commercial software and cloud services in Russia has grown by 15%. In addition, CNBC reported that starting January 1, 2022, Microsoft will increase the cost of the monthly tariff plan for the cloud Office suite by 20%. At the same time, the prices for the annual subscription will remain the same.