Personal assistant remotely - a tool for solving problems

Megacities set a complex rhythm of life, less and less time is enough to solve short-term problems, not to mention long-term ones in terms of business and personal affairs.

Everyone understands the harsh realities of the current time, but I wanted to take a closer look at how the average person in Russia spends his precious time. Based on the statistics below, we will draw certain conclusions and try to find ways to solve the tasks that we need to solve every day, perform systematically and account for them constantly.

Human time expenditure statistics

We all know very well that there are 24 hours in a day. We will not take into account the time for rest (sleep) now, so there are only 16 hours left for our daily conscious activity. In most cases, a person’s working time is 8 hours, that is, half of our allotted 16. We have about 8 hours left to interact with the family, everyday life and hobbies.

At first glance, this is not so little, but to get ready for work, it takes about 1 more hour, to which you still need to add time on the road (for megalopolises it is about 2 hours a day). What is left? Only 5 hours of personal time.

If we divide the received 11 hours required for work by 16 hours (the total time of a person’s activity during the day), then it turns out that we spend 2/3 of the time on work, fees and travel, and only a third of our time remains on interaction with the outside world.

Let’s consider a more detailed calculation: we usually have to work 50 hours per week, and all the time, excluding sleep, during the week is 112 hours. So what happens? Work takes 50/112 = 0.5.

As a result of the calculation, it is shown that we spend half of our conscious life on the process of preparing and performing work!

The reasons for the lack of time

Today, many people are familiar with the problem of lack of time. You can use your own time effectively only if you can give yourself an answer to two questions:

  1. What was the time spent on?
  2. Why is there not enough time?

The main reasons for the lack of time can be many, they often have a close relationship with each other. An example is the situation when you do not organize the work process, do not plan your work schedule in advance, the result will be a lack of time. And here is the flip side of the coin: you feel a lack of time, do not plan a working day, rush, try to do all things at the same time, grab onto everything at once. In this case, you will get a vicious circle, out of which planning your own time will help you. In order to clearly understand why you are experiencing a shortage of time, you need to know what you spend it on and identify the main reasons leading to the leak.

  • A huge amount of urgent routine tasks or cases. In most cases, working on a part of the routine is very time consuming;
  • Excessive fuss in business. Hustle and bustle can often be the result of impulsiveness, and maybe the result of poor organization of the day;
  • Lack or absence of good labor motivation. This reason can have a very strong effect on labor productivity, and hence the lack of time;
  • The resulting work is not sorted by priority, or distributed, but not specifically. This can influence the desire to do simpler, easier tasks, regardless of their degree of priority. As a result, there is a lack of time to solve important, fundamental tasks;
  • Unforeseen tasks or cases – these can be sudden visitors, telephone conversations or cases that you take into your area of responsibility, but do not have the resolve to say no. Completing these tasks or tasks takes a lot of time and effort, and the resources spent should have been directed to scheduled tasks with high priority;
  • Haste – interferes in solving cases, you cannot fully concentrate and focus on the task taken into work. In a hurry, you often get confused and instead of taking the most expedient path, you follow the path that first comes to your mind. This is not a very good trend;
  • Constant work from home. The tasks you perform at work are primarily related to intellectual activity. A task not completed during working hours smoothly flows into your personal free time. Instead of resting the body, it spends energy, intellectual work takes place. Often a person develops chronic fatigue, that is, loss of performance and health.

How to find time and do everything

  • To master the lessons of time management is a technique for organizing conscious control and allocation of time. With its help, you can achieve your goals and objectives in time, increase efficiency and effectiveness;
  • Finding a remote assistant is a person or service who, at a busy moment in your life, will lend a helping hand, save you from routine, routine tasks, and also perform everyday tasks that you did not have time to do. At the moment, there are a lot of services that are ready to provide you with a specialist with an hourly rate at a low cost to perform the amount of work required by the client.

The knowledge gained will allow you to effectively manage and control your time, as well as teach you to delegate tasks and affairs to third parties. Having knowledge and an assistant behind you, you can show incredible results both in business and in personal affairs, quickly reacting to external changes and solving any problems.