How to become an expert in your field

Let’s take a look at who is an expert? This is a person whose authority inspires confidence, and whose opinion can be trusted, because he knows exactly what he is talking about.

Having established yourself as a good expert, you will receive more interesting offers, public recognition, and your earnings will start to grow more than others, all other things being equal. An expert’s time always costs an order of magnitude more.

Nevertheless, you can be well versed in your business, but not become an expert. The point is that this status needs to be earned. However, there is an opportunity for years to work and wait quietly on the sidelines, when the society will begin to reckon with your opinion.

But there is another way that allows you to quickly go from an unknown specialist to a recognized master of his craft.

1. Determine the area in which you want to become an expert

We can be experts in many areas of activity, for example, in getting garbage into a bin from a distance of 3 meters. But does this suit your goals? What do you want to achieve? Why do you need the status of an expert? You should definitely find an answer to these questions when you choose an area for the development of expertise.

It is often easiest to choose an area that coincides with your main business. An area in which you already have the necessary skills, knowledge and experience. Because if you start pumping yourself as an expert in an area in which you do not have the necessary knowledge, then your reputation will suffer greatly when the truth is revealed. You need to be an expert not only in words.

2. Simplify your area to a narrow direction

One of the most neglected steps in building a personal brand is simplification. There is no need to be a general expert. Analyze and select one narrow area in which you are strong and have a lot of experience. This approach works much more efficiently than trying to prove yourself a jack of all trades.

Consider an example, you have an event agency and you position yourself as an expert in organizing events in shopping centers. This does not mean that you only organize events in shopping centers. This means that you are the best at organizing such events. Proceeding from this, people will contact you, moreover, and for the organization of other events too.

When you concentrate yourself as an expert in one narrow direction, potential clients at the level of associations connect you and your business. You become number one. So keep it simple.

3. Make expert friends

If you want to gain the status of an expert, you should be constantly seen among other well-known colleagues. This means that you need to be in the same get-together with them, go to industry conferences and specialized events. You need to interact with those who already have expertise in your field.

Use competent networking and become famous at least among your own people. There are no experts who are not known to anyone.

But do not forget that you need to make useful contacts not only in your field, the wider your list of useful contacts, the better.

4. Promote yourself in the information space

This is one of the most important stages. Expertise does not come from nowhere. The most important principle is to give value for free.

Your task is to promote your personal brand in the information space. Namely, writing articles for trade magazines, on websites, blogging, hosting webinars and speaking at conferences and workshops. First, you work for a name, and then the name will work for you.

This is where you need self-presentation skills. Courses in public speaking, copywriting and so on will not interfere. You need to be able to correctly present what you know and are able to.

When you become quite popular, then you can start earning on your expertise. In addition, the more often you publish materials in the media and speak, the more potential business partners will know about you.

5. Create your corporate identity

What is your corporate identity? What is your unique professional offer? Will you be able to tell what you are doing, for whom and what is your uniqueness? How are you better than others?

If you don’t have a corporate identity yet, be sure to think about it. Create your recognizable and unique professional handwriting.

Another way to raise your level of expertise and develop your own style is to educate newcomers to your professional field. After all, now you are not just a specialist, you are a mentor.

Building expertise isn’t as difficult as it sounds, and it’s worth it. The culture of creating your own brands has just begun to emerge in our country, and you have every chance to have time to take your place as an expert in a certain field. So don’t miss this opportunity!